Best Names for Boy Dogs

Are you struggling finding a name for your fur baby prince? Here are some unique ones below!


When you’re planning for a new arrival, finding the perfect name tops the to-do list. This holds true when you’re preparing to welcome home a canine companion, too!

If your bundle of (fluffy) joy is a boy, you might be looking for names that are perfect for his playful, protective, and loyal personality. We’ve compiled a list of top-notch boy names for dogs, just to give you some ideas.

  1. 1. Hunter

    If your dog was bred to be a hunter’s companion, this name is a natural fit. Pointing dogs (also known as bird dogs), as well as spaniels and retriever breeds, know their way around tracking animals and moving through the woods. The name “Hunter” conveys this strength and strong instincts.

  2. 2. Winston

    The name “Winston” brings to mind a certain affable, engaging, and enigmatic older chap. We’re speaking, of course, of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill. Whether or not your dog will be holding court and giving inspiring speeches, the name Winston means “joyful stone” -- which is perfect for any jolly pup with a rock-solid devotion to you. Just remind him to keep a stiff upper lip, keep calm, and carry on.

  3. 3. Jake

    Year after year, the name “Jake” tops the charts as one of the most popular dog names. Traditionally, “Jake” was used as a nickname for the Hebrew name “Jacob” -- a biblical character known for being tricky and spirited and who eventually became one of the fathers of Israel. “Jake” has a certain mischievous, playful ring to it, which makes it especially suitable for a loving, adventurous pup who loves to give you the runaround.

  4. 4. Shadow

    For a pup who never seems to stray from your side, “Shadow” is a name that feels extremely on the (cold, wet) nose. Bonus points if your dog stands tall and dignified, with straight dark fur. (Here’s looking at you, black labs and German shepherds).

  5. 5. Zeus

    Lightning bolt! “Zeus” is a Greek name for the god of lightning, thunder and the sky. Zeus was said to reside on Mount Olympus and was king of all of the other gods and goddesses. If you’re often at the mercy of your dog’s bark and call (or if the sound of your dog bounding through the house to greet you sounds like a low-grade thunderstorm), the name “Zeus” might strike you as an electrifying choice.

  6. 6. Duke

    Inspired by royalty, “Duke” is the ideal name for a dog who ranks high in your household but never forgets his place. Dukes are traditionally the highest-ranked male heirs in a monarchy, who are awarded their titles (and sizable estates) as a symbol of how close they are to the king or queen. It’s also a name worthy of the most proud, devoted, and steadfast companion: your furry best friend.

  7. 7. Theo

    “Theo” comes from the name “Theodore,” which means “God’s gift.” If you feel a sense of joy and adoration when you look down at your pup’s friendly face, this name will fit just fine. Plus, if you go with “Theodore,” you get a cuddly, bonus nickname: Teddy.

  8. 8. Rocky

    If your dog is a boxer and you’re a fan of classic movies, “Rocky” makes for a nice play on words. But even if it’s a different breed you’re bringing home, “Rocky” is a great name for a pup who works hard, plays harder, and is always ready to jump to your defense.

  9. 9. Max

    Max has been a pup-ular dog name for decades, and for good reason. Short for “Maximilian,” the name quite literally translates to “the greatest” -- and who is better than your dog? Max is a great name for males who are quick to listen and as loyal as, well, a dog.

  10. 10. Ceasar

    For a dog who is, quite simply, an alpha, use the name that the Romans bestowed upon their emperors. Your pup doesn’t have to be large and in charge to earn the title that this name bestows. If you can’t tell your dog “no” when he paws in the direction of his treats, you’ve got a “Caesar” on your hands, no matter how small.

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