Best Names for Girl Dogs

Are you struggling finding a name for your fur baby princess? Here are some unique ones below!


Congratulations on your (furry) new arrival! Once you’ve chosen a breeder or adoption agency for finding your pup, the fun part begins -- starting with picking the perfect moniker for your fluffy friend. We’ve rounded up what we think are some of the most fun female names your canine companion could ask for. Let’s take a look at the strongest contenders for best girl dog name on the block. 

  1. 1. Lady

    Simple and sweet, "Lady" is the perfect name for the dog that carries herself with class. Equally adaptable for a wide range of breeds, from poodles to boxers, "Lady" conveys an air of nobility. Fans of the Disney classic "The Lady and the Tramp" might be especially drawn to this moniker.

  2. 2. Bella

    From the Italian word for "beauty," "Bella" is a fun, sophisticated name that is consistently popular for female dogs. Petite breeds, like chihuahuas and Pomeranians, fit the name just fine, but we think it could work great for a dog of any size.

  3. 3. Lucy

    Two-syllable names with a long vowel at the end can be said sharply as a command, or sweetly when it's time to snuggle. “Lucy” comes from the Latin word for “light,” which makes it a wonderful name for a dog with white or golden fur. It works just as well for a dog with darker coloring who just happens to light up your life.

  4. 4. Trixie

    Traditionally, “Trixie” is a nickname for the much more proper sounding “Beatrice” or “Patricia.” “Beatrice" means “bringer of joy” -- the perfect description of the way that your fluffiest pal makes you feel. Shortening the name to “Trixie” gives the name a bit more of a punchy feel and brings to mind a pup who is always full of surprises!

  5. 5. Tess

    Tess, which can be short for Theresa, is a fun and flippy name that’s quick to call out when you’re beckoning your pup. Dogs that shepherd, guard, and hunt are a wonderful fit for this frisky and feminine name choice.

  6. 6. Sunny

    For the dog that wakes up with the dawn and brings you happiness until the day is done, the name “Sunny” says it all. Dogs with tawny, rust, or reddish coloring are the most natural fit for this name. If you’re thinking a little more creatively, toy breeds like the Havanese and shih tzu also smile like the sun with their furry round faces framed by tufts of hair.

  7. 7. Friday

    This day-of-the-week moniker is just adorable. After all, who doesn’t love Fridays -- they’re the last work day before the weekend, they’re more casual than the rest of the week, and lots of times, they end in pizza. “Friday” is a great name for a pup who simply couldn’t be cooler.

  8. 8. Lassie

    If you’re a fan of classic television, choosing a name like “Lassie” might be the most obvious choice. While the heroic doggie character in the television show was played by a gorgeous collie, don’t let the breed you’ve chosen restrict you from adopting this name. Based on the Scottish slang word for “young girl,” “Lassie” could be any female dog who is trustworthy and reliable.

  9. 9. Roxie

    Another two-syllable name that ends in a long vowel, the name “Roxie” carries an air of glamor with it. Taken from the name “Roxanne,” which means “bright star,” “Roxie” is wonderful for a dog who just loves to be the center of attention.

  10. 10. Lucky

    You want to give your dog a lucky name, so why not just take that idea literally? “Lucky” is a unisex name, but we think it’s just lovely for a female dog you plan to bring on lots of outdoor adventures. Of course, you might feel like you’re the lucky one whenever you have your loyal dog right by your side -- which is just what you’ll remember every time you say your pup’s name.

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