As a dog owner, you know full well that you are your fluffy friend’s absolute favorite person. And in a perfect world, you might choose to have your pooch by your side 24/7. But eventually, most of us do have to leave our homes for one reason or another. And that beautiful bond between you and your pup can become a bit of a problem as your dog gets worried about your whereabouts until you return. If your dog howls, barks, and cries out for attention as you prepare to leave or when you come back to your home, you might be dealing with a classic case of separation anxiety. 

Destructive behavior like carpet digging, garbage diving, and shoe chewing while you’re out and about can be signs that indicate your dog is feeling nervous when you’re not around. The good news is that routine building and some intentional distractions are usually all you need to help your pup cope with missing you.