Some curious pups love to graze on whatever they find growing in your backyard. There’s just one problem: taking a bite off of a poisonous plant leaf, sap, bulb, or berries can cause harmful side effects for your pet. 


Trees, shrubs, and flower beds can make all the difference in transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis. But as you look around your property, it’s important to keep your canine companion’s needs in mind. This is particularly true when you’re deciding which kinds of plants to grow in your backyard. Some of the most popular plant varieties can actually make your outdoor space unsafe for your dog.  


Some symptoms that your pooch may have eaten a toxic plant are an upset stomach, drooling, and muscle weakness, among other things. The good news is, you can easily keep Rover out of harm’s way by planning ahead, staying informed, and taking simple action steps to protect your fluffy friend.