You’re probably already a big fan of watching your dog leap and bound all over your backyard. The satisfied expression of a worn-out pup brings a special kind of fulfillment, and the calm demeanor of a well-run dog can be a welcome side effect. 

What’s more, the health benefits of exercising with your dog are very real. Dogs who get regular exercise may live longer, and dogs who fall within a healthy weight range are at a lower risk for conditions such as canine diabetes and canine arthritis. 

Health conditions, such as anxiety and joint pain, can often be managed or prevented altogether with regular exercise. A 2018 study by the nonprofit Association for Pet Obesity Protection found that over half of the country’s pets are estimated to be obese. Just like with humans, a dog’s weight increase can happen due to a lack of regular, daily exercise. 

It’s too bad you can’t sign your dog up for a gym membership! But, armed with information, you can still make sure they get all the activity they crave.