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Dog-Friendly Lawn

Who said you can’t have both a green, lush lawn AND a dog? Good news, pet parents: now you can! BarkYard makes restoring your lawn to its original thriving, play-ready glory a breeze!

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Work less. Play more.

Step 1: Prep

Pick a day with good play-outside weather and mow your yard so it’s 2 inches high.

Step 2: Apply

Sprinkle Good Boy and Bad Spot evenly over problem areas to tackle bare and thinning play and pee spots.

Step 3: Water

Water daily to keep soil surface moist for the first 2 weeks, then break out the tennis ball and take your new lawn for a test play!

What You Need, When You Need It

At BarkYard, we’re not about the one-size-fits-all approach. That’s exactly why we customize your BarkYard kit to YOUR dog’s digs. Just tell us how much play space Fido’s working with, and we’ll conveniently deliver everything you need right to your front door!

Safety Is Our Priority

If there’s anything we care more about than keeping your grass looking awesome it’s keeping your pup safe in the process. Each one of our products are safe to use around your pets when used as directed.

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Good Boy Day 0 Day 28* Good Boy Results Image

Dog Lawn Damage, Solved Once And For All

Just like no two doggos are the same, no two yards are, either! Our BarkYard kit products come in many different varieties to thicken and green up your yard and turn bald spots into green ones across all different grass types.

*Results 28 days after application, applied and cared for according to label directions.


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