Our Story

Our Story

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For the love of dogs (and the lawns they rule)!

At BarkYard, we’re obsessed with dogs, and we know lawns. We combined our two greatest passions to help you get a lush lawn that’s dog-friendly and people-approved!

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Having a space that furry friends and family can enjoy together is what our lawns are all about. But every dedicated dog parent knows that dogs being dogs can be tough on the lawn. As dog lovers and lawn nerds, we set out to challenge the idea that you can only have a dog or a lush, beautiful lawn — not both. With BarkYard, we’re proving it’s not only possible to keep our pups happy and our lawns lush and green, it’s easy, convenient, and dare we say a little bit fun! Say goodbye to the tradeoffs, guesswork, and frustration once and for all. For lawns everywhere that have gone to the dogs, BarkYard is to the rescue!

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Our Mission

At BarkYard, we’re all about letting dogs be dogs in the lawn. That means playing in it, rolling in it, chomping at it, and of course, using it as their own personal toilet! Our mission isn’t to change that, even if we could (after all, it’s our dog’s world, we’re just living in it). Instead, it’s to show humans that transforming that unsightly doggy spot minefield into a lush, beautiful lawn isn’t just possible, it’s easy!

Why Choose BarkYard?

Less confusion, more confidence

Remember when fixing doggy lawn spots seemed like an impossible chore? Us too. BarkYard eliminates the hassle and guesswork and does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

Can someone say “convenience?”

Is fighting traffic and scanning aisles for the right lawn care solution even a thing anymore? At least with BarkYard it’s not. Kick back, relax, and let us deliver everything you need!

Unbox Awesome

The solutions to the biggest pet lawn damage problems you’ve been waiting for — all packaged in one nifty box. Howl did our lawns ever live without it?

Check us out at @getbarkyard

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"Absolutely love BarkYard. The packaging is great and the product is so easy to use." - Brett

"With two dogs, I didn't expect for our lawn to ever look green or healthy. BarkYard has made such a difference!" - Nini

"With two Australian Shepherds, our yard is a mess. Correction, was a mess! BarkYard products helped restore it and it’s now green and healthy. Highly recommend this product!" - BendBrothers


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