BarkYard Lawn Dog
BarkYard Lawn Dog

BarkYard Lawn Dog


Strengthens Lawns

Looking for a natural way to green AND strengthen your lawn during the summer? Well, you’re barking up the right tree! The perfect sidekick to our BarkYard kit, Lawn Dog is the natural Fido-friendly and playtime-approved fertilizer that makes every side your lawn’s good side. Just prep, apply, and water.


Currently not available in AK, FL, HI, and OK.


Product Details

BarkYard Lawn Dog is recommended for all lawn types.


One bag covers up to 4,000 sq ft.

Ingredients & Benefits

Lawn Dog is an ingredient-packed natural fertilizer that greens and strengthens lawns. The stars of the show? Molasses helps with soil fertility while flour meal gives your lawn the nutrients it needs. This fertilizer is safe for use around your pup—when used as directed.

Dog with tennis ball in his mouth standing in a backyard.

How To Apply

After you’ve applied BarkYard Good Boy and Bad Spot! in the spring, Lawn Dog is the perfect summertime solution for a greener, fetch-worthy lawn. To get started, simply mow your grass before application.

Then, use a spreader to evenly apply Lawn Dog over your entire lawn—avoiding water, storm drains and drainage ditches. (Pro tip: Check the back of the bag for the proper spreader settings!) While spreading, be sure to sweep up any product that lands on your driveway, sidewalk or street and don’t apply Lawn Dog if heavy rain is in the forecast.

Finally, lightly water Lawn Dog into your lawn after application to help it feed. We recommend applying this fertilizer every 8 weeks throughout the summer to keep your lawn looking like its best self.

Because a stronger, greener lawn is right around the corner...and so is Fido’s ball, probably.

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