BarkYard Spreader
BarkYard Spreader

BarkYard Spreader

Designed for Simple and Easy Application

Pairs well with our BarkYard medium and large lawn kits for quick application to the entire lawn. Adjustable spreader settings for use with all of our BarkYard products. Simply fill the hopper, select your setting, and apply to grow that lush lawn. 

*Minor assembly required.

How to apply in 4 easy steps

  1. Step 1: Assemble

    Assemble your spreader by quickly snapping the wheels onto the axle.

  2. Step 2: Set

    On the back of your lawn product, find the setting for "Broadcast" or "rotary" spreader, then turn the rate dial on your spreader to that setting.

  3. Step 3: Fill

    Fill the hopper with your lawn product. Be sure to sweep up any spills onto hard surfaces.

  4. Step 4: Apply

    You’re ready to apply! As you push the spreader across the lawn, squeeze and hold the trigger. Further application directions below.

Quick Tips & tricks

  • Apply to the entire perimeter of lawn.

  • Make parallel passes (inside your perimeter pass) 5 ft. apart to ensure even coverage.

  • Release the trigger when making turns to make sure the spreader isn't open.

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